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 * SampleIn
 * @author cockok
class SampleIn extends SubscriptionBase
    function execute($variable){
        $url = 'http://hoge.jp/';
        $rss20 = new Rss20();

        // キャッシュはなんとなく3時間
        if (Cache::isExpiry($url, 3600 * 3)) {
            if (!$html = Http::get($url)) {
                return null;
            Cache::set($url, $html);
        } else {
            $html = Cache::get($url);

        $html = StringUtil::encoding($html);

        $tag = new SimpleTag();
        $tag->set($html, 'html');

        $title = $tag->getIn('title');
        if (count($title)) {
            $feed_title = $title[0]->getValue();
        } else {
            $feed_title = 'title';
        $feed_description = 'description';
        $feed_url = 'http://hoge.jp/';
        $feed_languege = 'ja';
        $rss20->setChannel($feed_title, $feed_description, $feed_url, $feed_languege);

        foreach ($tag->getIn('div') as $div) {
            // いろいろ解析して登録
            $rss20->setItem($title, $description, $url);

        return $this->merge($variable, $rss20);

    function description()
        return "hoge.jpを取得する";

    function config()
        return null;



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  1. 2015 年 12 月 21 日 08:47 | #1

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  13. 2016 年 6 月 5 日 07:52 | #13

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  14. 2016 年 7 月 15 日 16:36 | #14

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